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As your Digital Asset Creator…Let us do the work,
while you focus on your area of expertise.

1. Digital Asset Generator

 Majority of businesses use borrowed traffic. Are you one of them?

Facebook, Twitter, SEO, SEM all these wonderful online marketing tools are all dependent on one thing, other people’s platforms. Now don’t get us wrong, at 6Commas we are big believers in leveraging these platforms. But it’s their space, it can be taken down at any time for really any reason.

Thus, in order to succeed in scaling and growing your business long term, you must turn traffic from these borrowed platforms into your own digital asset and we are here to help.

Traffic you own = Your True Business Asset

Our Process

Our 3 steps Digital Asset Creation


Create your irresistible lead
generating product


Engineer your lead
capturing system


Deliver your product and the leads to you in the most perfectly organised pattern

Our Tools & Services

 Grow your audience by turning casual visitors into digital assets by using our tools

Automated email Funnel

Build a path for your email subscribers with marketing automations. Sending a welcome email series to onboard new subscribers, upselling products, or offering a daily email course for your subscriber automatically


Ready to use sign up forms

A single landing page, pop up or slide in, the possibilities with our forms are endless. Create your personalised sign up forms to collect your digital assets today.


Landing page

Create  web pages to share your projects & ideas. Our fully customisable landing pages are made to catch eyes and grow your digital asset lists.


Product design & creation

In exchange for digital assets, offer your audience with a free downloads or digital products . We help you craft and create the most attractive product to gain the most audience.


Email designer

The writing and editing experience of email  can be an obstacle for many creators. Our email designer helps you breeze through creating your email so you can focus on writing the most importnat part – the content.


Connect to your favourite tools without having to compensate your curent platform. Whether its shopify, teachable, stripe, you name it.

What do you have to do?

Let’s talk. Tell us about your business. What’s your goal and who are your target group. What ideas do you have and what have you done? Fill in this form below and your request will be sent straight to our Digital Asset Generating Team.
We hope to hear from you soon.

2. Online Marketing

We offer a full spectrum of online marketing solutions. Let’s talk about how we can grow your business together.

Paid Traffic
Organic Traffic
Sales Funnel Strategy

Paid Traffic

Google SEM

Gain website traffic by purchasing ads on Google search engines.

Facebook Ads

Optimise your brand awareness, website traffic and sales conversion with Facebook Ads

Tiktok Ads

The trendiest VDO platform right now

LinkedIn Ads

Target specify industry, company size, and job title of the individuals with Linkedin Ads

Google Display Network

Reach people with targeted Display ads while they’re browsing their favourite websites, YouTube video, checking their Gmail account, or using mobile devices and apps.

Instagram Ads

Using attractive images and VDO to gain more audience via Instagram ads

Twitter Ads

Start promote your tweets on Twitter

• Organic Traffic


Achieve high rankings on Google search engine to attract more traffic to your website


Content Marketing

Build trust, improve conversions, keep customer engaging and generate leads.


Social Media Managment

Too busy to keep your social media active? Let our team manage your content across various platforms.

• Development

Website Development

Design and develope the website your business need



Mobile App Development

From designing, developing to putting your Idea in the App Store.



API/Chatbot Development

Automate your sales funnel and customer service. Integrate your current platform with the tools you want,

• Creative

Sales Copywriting

Persuades customer to buy your product or service with the right hooks and messages



At 6Commas, we provide Graphic design services that’s not only attractive but also sells


VDO Production

Tell your story and attract customer using VDOs. We provide story board design, filming and production.

• Sales Funnel Strategy

Sales Funnel Design

Achieve your highest conversion by using the right sales funnel specially designed by our Sales Funnel Specialist 

Sales Funnel Optimisation

Get the most out of each of your funnel steps. Identify the roadblock and fix it while optimising the funnel as a whole to generate the highest profit possible.

Ready to get started?

3. SaaS Product Development

At 6Commas, we have experts who are experienced in the technologies needed to build a SaaS solution for your business. 

With the end user in mind, what we provide is user centric software that focuses on experience and functionality. 

SaaS Web Development

Designing and implementing friendly and adaptable web interfaces and experience.

SaaS Application Development

Designing and implementing mobile friendly interface.

API & Third-party Integrations

Integrating with external services, platforms, and interfaces.

Support & Maintenance Service

We will be here for you always.